The liturgy as a tool

This reading is in support of the St Thomas mission to support the Year of Faith and the Holy Father’s call for mission.

Our Pope Benedict outlined in his call for mission about the strength of the liturgy as a tool. These tools allow us to strengthen our faith. The Mass is more than an obligation and the ceremony more than old traditions.

How many of us, go through the motions of the liturgy without reflection and introspection? Without expressing adoration for the gifts and blessings we receive on a daily basis? Without love for your neighbor? Sometimes, tragically, without love and faith in oneself.

The Mass is a call to worship. The call to worship is a call to faith.

We come humbly before God into his house, thankful for the opportunity to worship openly and without persecution. To those who find this passé, we offer:

North Korea, China, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Nigeria, and India are all countries where a Christian can face police inquiries, detention, jail time, or worse, beatings, kidnappings and even death for their faith. The Vatican estimates that 100 million Christians face some sort of persecution and that 75 out of every 100 people killed because of their religious beliefs is a Christian.

We are thankful for our lovely surroundings and joyous environment, even when it is cold.

We publically declare our faith by renewing our baptismal vows.

We give thanks for our blessings; we acknowledge the power, love and mercy of our Lord and the Trinity.

We reflect upon our shortcomings, admitting our sins openly to God.

The readings provide us reflection on the law, the gospels, lessons and covenant for which Jesus suffered and died.

The priest sermon provides thoughtful reflection on the readings. We receive the sermon from a learned individual who has committed their lifetime to translation of the word of God into meaningful dialect for our every day lives. One who knows our environment and challenges; one who knows us as people.

The crescendo of our celebration is in the sharing of the Eucharist, in following the words and deeds of Christ himself. In partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ, we recommit ourselves to Christ, to the church and to one another.

Thank you for your attention and we welcome your prayers and active participation in this mission. God Bless.