The Cenotaphs in the Church

In the Church and the Curtius Chapel adjacent to the sacristy there are about 36 cenotaphs in various stages of legibility. It would be beyond the scope of this short monograph to describe all in detail so we will confine ourselves to the more important.

At the very entrance of the Church is found the well-preserved cenotaph of the above mentioned Don Guillen de S. Clemente who died in 1608. Interestingly his gravestone contains a heraldic Star of David perhaps, in allusion to some Jewish antecedents. To the left before the Irish or Patrons’ Altar there is the commemorative tablet to Esther Anna Ogilvi who married one of the scions of an Irish family who fled Ireland the previous century. Each year on 17 March, the feast of St.Patrick, the Patron and Apostle of the Ireland, the Irish community of Prague gathers here for a commemorative observance of all their countrymen and women Irish who sacrificed themselves for their culture and faith. In front of the Altar of Saint Boniface there is found the cenotaph of Gall Mach (+1612), the mayor of Mala Strana. Before the first Altar directly in front of the high pulpit there is a commemorative cenotaph for Godfried Steeger, the personal physician of Emperor Rudolph II, marking his death on 10 April 1609. In the choir or sanctuary is the cenotaph of the Morzin family who were the patrons of the composer Franz Josef Haydn (+1809) and in 1705 the founders of Vrchlabi, the last Augustinian monastery founded in Bohemia. Directly before the Main Altar is the cenotaph and remains of the Lobkowicz family in a crypt dated 1733. In front of the Ecce Homo Altar is the cenotaph of Dominic Bossi, one of the architects of the renaissance period, who died 11 August 1599. In the south aisle (leading to St.Dorothy’s Chapel) is found the cenotaph of Ferdinand Visconti of the aristocratic Milanese family and distant relative of the Augustinian Prior General, Philip Visconti (1649–1655). Adjacent to the sacristy is found the cenotaph of Jakub Curtius and and his wife, AnnaMaria. Curtius was a fac totum for Emperor Rudolph II in formulating his foreign diplomacy.