Coming to the end

We are approaching the end of the “Mission” for the Year of Faith called for by the Emeritus Pope Benedict the XVI. In his apostolic letter entitled the PORTA FIDEI, or “door of faith”. he called on the church for a mission; the Holy Father announced an initiative for the rediscovery or reawakening of faith within the church and within each of us.

We have spent many of the previous weeks and months, exploring various topics: from questions of faith to our liturgy; explanations regarding our traditions and holidays; world events and Pope decisions to resign and Pope decisions and statements about the future of the church.

What have we learned?

It is my great wish for these readings that we as a community have learned some small lessons and reminders about the traditions and foundations of our liturgy and how they came about.

I am hopeful that we recognize that in the house of God that we are all equal, we are all sinners and no single one of us here is above the other. We all struggle, we all have happy and joyous events in our lives, and we all have disappointments, failures and we suffer the pain that life can bring.

We are hopeful that through this recognition that we can search out the comfort and peace of God’s grace, through prayer in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our lives are ministries, they are testimonials for others, and often they are testimonials, even when we do not want them to be.

By declaring ourselves Christians and members of the St. Thomas community, those who are curious about Christianity and the Catholic Faith will look to you to see how you behave and if there is something about you and your life, which they do not have. They will wonder if you have found a secret to life that they do not have.

The need for the Church to reach out into new countries and continents with missionaries is not what it once was. The real battle is on the streets we walk every day. The battle for souls and the longing to know the love of God and his mercy are in fact “Catholic” or universal desires of man.

The beauty of our faith is that we receive this communion of faith through many different sources, yet it all springs from the one source of goodness and strength and we can all wield it with the same strength and clarity as Jesus himself.

I can be strengthened by the good word of appreciation from a member of the parish or a student. I can be motivated and encouraged by the teachings and example of Father William or Father Juan. The special music that is put together for us, by those who care enough to share their gift of song for the enjoyment of the community is uplifting. The refreshment and spiritual nourishment of the body and blood of Christ during our ceremony, is essential to overcoming the challenges of daily life. All of these are certainly from the love and grace of God.

The endless forgiveness, the love and blessing that come from our Father in Heaven are cause for celebration each day. This should excite us. I myself hear it in the excitement and joy, which comes from Father William’s voice, when he proclaims, “Christ is risen”!

If you haven’t heard him, then you are in for a treat. The Mission teaches us that we can also be this source of inspiration for others.

God Bless