Before taking leave of the Church one should note the memorial tablet of lovingly dedicated to the memory of an Augustinian hero and martyred pastor of Saint Thomas, FATHER AUGUSTINE FRANZ SCHUBERT, OSA. Born in Zizkov-Prague on May 14, 1902, he attended the school at sv. Stepana, Prague 2 and entered the Order upon completion of his philosophical studies at Charles University in 1925. Ordained on a record freezing day, 20 January 1929, he was successively elected subprior and prior in 1933. His ministry as pastor was spent in great part with the young to whom he endeared himself for his wisdom, wit and kindness. During the wartime occupation he publically protested against Nazi injustice and ideology for which he was summarily arrested and murdered in the Dachau death camp on 28 July 1942. Steps for proposing him as a saint have been taken by the Augustinian community and their parishoners in 1999.