How to talk to a non-believer (part 3): Science vs. Religion

Many non-believers point to science as an explanation for our Universe; our world, life on our planet and that there is no God. There is only Science.

In addressing this, I was reminded about an acquaintance that I met recently in business that wrote a book entitled Three Proofs that God Exists. In this book he has a quote that I love. “For the believer, no evidence is necessary. For the skeptic, no amount of evidence is sufficient.”

Some people want to use the discoveries of science as evidence that God does not exist. Galileo was famously persecuted by those religious leaders of his day for going against the church. If the establishment had not been so stubborn, Galileo might have been able to show just how smart and wonderful God is.

I have always ben particularly amazed at those who saw these two entities, religion and science, as being in direct conflict. I rather would like to believe that the more we discover about the world and universe around us, the closer we are to experiencing the true wonder of how omnipotent and wonderful our God truly is.

Let’s take for example Physics. It is widely accepted that there are four major forces that act upon our environment. Those forces are Gravity, Electromagnetic Energy, the Weak Force and the Strong Force. Gravity keeps us on the earth. Electromagnetic Energy is the kind of energy released when matter changes, like when we cook something. Weak Force is radioactivity or the exchange of particles, like the potassium that is released when you cut a Banana. Finally the Strong Force is like the Sun, which is basically a huge nuclear reactor. The truly amazing thing about these forces is that they all must be in perfect harmony, or everything falls apart. Do we believe that it happened by chance?

Since Galileo, all of our calculation and explanations of the universe, its origins and the way our universe operates, has been explained using advanced mathematics. I find that wonderful! A Man named Dr. Garrett Lisi is one of the leading Theoretical Physicists in the world, and he has worked out the math to represent a combining of these four forces using math. He is the first to account for the all four forces working together. His prognosis is titled “the Simple Explanation for the Theory of Everything.” He believes this this dispels the ideal of God. His model is so complex but so intertwined, that it cannot even be accurately depicted in 3D. I believe this tell us our God is Wonderful and pretty good at math.

There is a Professor that test subjects by putting a helmet on their heads and sending a magnetic signal into a specific portion of their brain. His name is Michael A. Persinger and he is a cognitive neuroscience researcher at Laurentian University, located in Sudbury, Ontario. Eighty percent of his subjects subjected to this treatment sense the presence of something around them, most of the time multiple entities. They are calm and peaceful and mention angels or spirits often when they recall the experience. Dr. Persinger believes the magnet induces a God Perception. Who is to say that the magnet doesn’t heighten our awareness of the Angels and Spirits that we live with daily. Instead of creating them, could it not be true that he is only allowing us to see something that is there through the grace of our God.

Dr. Rich Terrell at Jet Propulsion Lab believes that we may be living in a computer-generated universe. That we may be nothing more than simulations, much like a version of the SIMs that we have today, only much more complex. He points to the fact that all matter is pixelated. Matter is made of tiny pixels, billions of times smaller than an atom, which is backed up mathematically by Quantum Mechanics. This means matter is quantized, finite in its measure, or in other words computational. Matter is diffuse; we are all made of Trillions of vibrating sub particles and someone could have programed us. How about just saying that someone made us?

According to our best computations, our Universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old. Until I had to do advanced calculations for the National Debt in Economics, a billion of anything was hard to fathom. So when someone points to the Bible and says “God created the Universe in 6 days” and Man is only here on earth for 200,000 – 250,000 years, so therefor there is no God. I have to laugh. Even Jesus, his son, told us that God is too great for us to understand. I am pretty sure that God’s understanding of time is a little different for him than for us. So he made have had to take a few shortcuts when explaining creation and the time it took to the prophets.

When my professors spoke about the big bang, rapid expansion, and the ever-expanding universe, it made sense to me. Why doesn’t that explain a Devine being creating the Universe? When asking just what scientific theory explains the spark that led to the creation of this spectacular universe, with it’s uncountable mass of matter from nothing: I was told that is not a question science can answer.

When scientist discuss the evolution of life on earth and one ask, really how did the spark occur that made the first living organism? How did we develop this complex DNA that tells us what we are and how we will look. I am told, I am sorry, but that is not a question that science can answer.

It ok, I found the answer a long time ago in my RE class, when my teacher told me about God saying let there be light, in a book called Geneses, from a collection of books that we call the Holy Scriptures.

Yes, I think science helps explain God pretty well.

God Bless.