The Phone

Most of us here have email accounts, some of us several and we rely on these email accounts for our daily work and staying in touch with friends and family around the world. Most of us receive tens, and sometimes hundreds of mail, not all of which are welcome. Sometimes we get the forwarded chain mail, or some sort of spam. My 80 year old Mother is guilty of sending these to me, and 90% of the time, I am not amused, but I look a them to see if she has written anything personal, and then I quietly delete them, if they don’t have anything personal in them.
Every once in awhile, I get on that makes me take notice; so if you will allow, I would like to adapt one of those as an illustration of how we can more openly welcome God into our daily lives.
What is the item you are carrying now, in your pocket? In your purse?

What is it you flip through several time a day? 

What do you turn back to go get it if you’ve forgotten it? 

What do you read to interpret messages and chart the course of your day?
What do we turn to if we need a question answered?
What do we use in case of an emergency?
What do we pull out of our pocket, when we have some spare time and are waiting?
For most of us here, we would all know that this is our phone. Smart phones, iPhones, Galaxies, etc…Mobile phones have become necessary in modern life and even addictive
What if we treated God’s word in the same manner? What if we have a pocket bible in our coat, purse or suitcase? What if we gave our children a copy of God’s word instead of an iPhone 5, with glittered case?
This message is not to prompt anyone to throw away their phone, but only to think about where are priorities are and how we can integrate God more into our daily lives.

Here are some ideas:
1. Place a small bible in your car
2. Hang a cross somewhere in your home or car, something to remind you of the sacrifices made for you.
3. Add a bible or a religious magazine to your reading material; either next to your bed or in the reading room.
4. Place small cards with Bible versus in your children’s drawers, or use them as bookmarks. Keep one in your desk, one that particularly inspires you. I recommend something about forgiveness, or the 10 commandments, if you have a particularly aggravating boss.
5. Write a reminder in your planner to say a quick prayer of thanksgiving to God
We use our phones and other technology to get through the daily schedule, while our eternal soul is left waiting for Sunday’s Mass.

For me, I picked up the phone and called my Mom telling her that I really appreciated the sentiment, and I think I made her smile, although I know that guarantees several more years of forwarded emails, that I will have to sort through.

What will you do?