Parish Mission

1.reflection: Introduction

2.reflection: Faith outline

3.reflection: Faith examples

4.reflection: Christ´s Mass 

5.reflection: The liturgy as a Tool

6.reflection: Five Finger Prayer

7.reflection: To pray

8.reflection: Pope Benedict XVI

9.reflection: The Phone

10.reflection: Celebacy for Priest

11.reflection: My grandparents

12.reflection: What´s in a name?

13.reflection: Burned Biscuits

14.reflection: Think like Jesus

15.reflection: Pancakes for Breakfast

16.reflection: Which Bible and Why?

17.reflection: shake it off

18.reflection: Confirmation

19.reflection: Sacrament of Communion

20.refection: Burned Biscuits

21.reflection: Casting the First Stone

22. reflection: Summer Reading

23. reflection: Saintly Sunday

24. reflection:  Examination of Conscious (Chlidren´s version)

25. reflection: Indulging our Children

26. reflection: Talk to a non believer

27. reflection: Talk to a non believer (part 2)

28. reflection: Talk to a non believer (part 3)

29. reflection: Comfort in the Scriptures

30. reflection: Hello its Me

31. reflection: Road to Damascus

32. reflection: Changing the World

33. reflection: Moral Compass for the Future

34. reflection: Soul Food

35. reflection: A Love Story

36: reflection: Somethung New Under the Sun

37. reflection:The Holiness in Halloween (part 1)

38. reflection: The Holiness in Halloween (part 2) 

39. reflection : We are all sinners and saints

40. reflection:Footsteps in the sand

41. reflection: Coming to the end

42. reflection: The Mission´s final word


St. Thomas Parish has begun the Year of Faith by calling for volunteers in the church to pray for the mission. To take it upon themselves to daily ask our Father for guidance and inspiration.  To allow us to find a mechanism through which we will be able to raise the spirit of faith of our members, bring in new members, and lead us to individual and collective acts of charity. 

As a result of this, we will be exploring issues surrounding our church, discussing principles of the church, society, individual professions of faith and life stories, even testimonials, which are offered to the congregations as a whole for reflection.

We will do this in a 3 – 5 minute reading conducted prior to mass. This will be known as the Mission Message of the Week.

You may find that some of these short readings will be extremely informative.  We hope to provide insight into the history and origin of our faith and traditions and practices of the church. We intend to provide messages and vignettes of life and the strength of faith.  We intend to provide challenging stories for reflection and renewal of commitment to God and the church.

You may find the message thought provoking.  We hope so. Each message will be designed to assist us, as a parish to deeper understanding of our faith; to grow our faith and even disagree about it from time to time. The Holy Catholic Church is the foundation and original church of Christianity, yet we do not claim to be the only believers of Christ. Although we celebrate over 2000 years as a church, we are not dead; the church is open for discussion, even debate at times. 

We open this forum for any and all who want to participate. We will attempt to have a list of subjects that mirror the Liturgical year, but there may be some deviation for more modern subjects. All messages given in this forum will be subject to approval and must meet with the approval of Father William and those appointed to review.  The mission message will be read prior to mass, published in the bulletin (if space allows), and also posted on our web site.

We encourage you to plan to be in the church five minutes prior to mass for these weekly messages.

The following is a more robust explanation of the Pope’s call to mission for the church.

Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI issued an apostolic letter this year entitled the PORTA FIDEI, or “door of faith”.  In this letter, he calls on the church for a mission; the Holy Father announced an initiative for the rediscovery or reawakening of faith within the church and within each of us.

He has declared this Year of Faith to begin on 11 October 2012 and it will end on 24 November 2013.  

We hope that you will participate and support these efforts.  Thank you.